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There are many benefits to having a professionally designed website:

· It shows that your organization is committed and professional
· It creates an image of credibility and trustworthiness
· It may be your customer's first impression of you
· Often ranks higher in search engines

And these are just a few reasons.

A few years ago, any website would have been enough to get you the basic benefits of having a website.  But just having a website isn't enough anymore.  Today, the competition is tough in almost every industry.  Even non-profit organizations are facing stronger competition for members and donations.  To get ahead and stay there, you need to show your customers, members, or donors that your organization is professional and well-run and deserving of their attention.  They want to know that you will still be around next year and the year after that.  A professionally designed website can help to convey this and many other messages.

Reasons to Have a Website

 -- Your competition probably has a website!
 -- Your customers/members are looking for information about you on the web.
 -- Your hours of operation are available 24/7.
 -- You can offer information worldwide 24/7.
 -- Many consumers today research online prior to making a purchase in a store.
 -- Incoming phone calls can be reduced by posting frequently asked questions online.
 -- Your most current pricing can be available anytime, eliminating the need to distribute costly pricing updates and increasing your pricing flexibility.
 -- Reach more potential customers than by phonebook or word of mouth.
 -- Announce upcoming events and specials.
 -- Make important information like product manuals available around the world and around the clock.
 -- Show off your awards, certifications, and other credentials.
 -- Show testimonials and references.
 -- Website visitors can learn about you at their leisure in a no-pressure environment.


Why the Price is Worthwhile

Sometimes business owners and organization managers experience "sticker shock" when getting quotes for web design.  At this point I could give you the standard old speech about how "it's an investment in your future," which is true, but there are also other things to consider.  Compare the cost and exposure of a website to that of other advertising media.  Websites are available around the clock and around the world, giving you a much larger pool of potential customers for your advertising dollars.  If a website that cost $1,000 averages just 20 visitors per day, that is $0.14 per visitor in that first year alone.  And since website maintenance costs typically amount to a fraction of the build cost in second and subsequent years, this cost per visitor will keep getting better and better.  Some thoughts...

 -- A brochure can cost $400 to print just 2,000 copies.  That is $0.20 each without design and distribution costs and you are limited to 2,000 impressions for that price!  Plus, if any of the information on it changes, you have to scrap them all and start over again.
 -- Pens are typically between $0.40 and $1.00 per impression before distribution and the same limitations apply!
 -- Lawn signs can cost $5.00 or more with variable traffic patterns and can rarely be seen in the dark.
 -- Billboard advertising can cost in the thousands per month.  Cost per impression is generally cheap, but is less predictable and more susceptable to weather interferance and nighttime visibility issues.

Now, we're not trying to suggest that you should stop buying pens or brochures (we even sell all that stuff).  But a well-rounded marketing plan should involve a balance of multiple types of media.  We generally suggest to our clients that they start with the website because it has the ability to get the most information to the largest audience.  Then use other media (pens, postcards, billboards, etc.) to get people to visit your website.  This way your website is working for you, instead of the other way around.  Another way to think about it - what do you put on a billboard or pen?  Usually a message to call or stop in to your shop?  Taking that call or waiting on that customer is part of business, but if that call is just to find out if you have an extra large purple widget, wouldn't it be nice if you had that time for something else because the customer found what they needed on your website?  Multiply this across multiple customers or calls per day and it adds up quickly.  We've all had those days where the phone never stopped ringing long enough to accomplish something.  How many of those calls could have been avoided by offering the public a professional, informative website to look at instead?  Maximize your time by minimizing simple calls.  You have a business to run.  Leave the web stuff to us!


You've Got Options!

At Wright Web Works we offer a couple of choices (each with multiple options) that can help meet most needs and budgets.

Joomla-based Sites

Joomla is a popular content management system or CMS.  This powerful system provides an easy way to create and manage website content and menus along with blogs, photo galleries, and much more.  Choose from one of many pre-built Joomla templates or we can create a design customized to you.  Many customers find this choice best because they can easily manage their own content, saving money on website maintenance and updates. Pricing and other information can be found on our Joomla Design Page.

Custom HTML Design

HTML is the standard programming language that drives nearly all websites.  With our Custom HTML Design service, we will create a website for you that will be powered by hand-coded HTML, CSS, and PHP code.  With this option, each site is unique in its design and presentation.  For smaller websites this option is often cheaper than a Joomla-based site.  But because each site is different and customized for a particular customer, pricing will also vary.  Please feel free to contact us for more information about options available and pricing for our Custom HTML Design Services.

Let's Get Started

If you're ready to get started with a new website for your business or organization, we're ready to help.  You can call us at 888.512.4883 to enjoy Wright Web Works' personal service as we'll be there to help you every step of the way.